Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here are some helpful strategies for becoming an even better dad:

  • Spend Time with Your Child. How a father spends his time reveals to his child what is important to him. Children grow up quickly and the time to bond with them is now.
  • Discipline with Love. All children need guidance and discipline, not as punishment, but to set reasonable limits. Dads should remind children of the consequences of their actions and positively acknowledge desirable behavior. Fathers who discipline in a calm and fair manner show love for their children.
  • Be a Role Model. Whether they realize it or not, fathers are role models to their kids. A girl who spends time with a loving father grows up knowing she deserves to be treated with respect by boys and she learns what to look for in a partner. Fathers teach boys and girls what is important in life by demonstrating honesty, humility and responsibility.
  • Earn the Right To Be Heard. Fathers should begin conversations with their children about important topics when they are very young so that difficult subjects will be easier to handle as they get older. Take time for listening to your child's ideas and problems.
  • Be a Teacher. Fathers who teach their children about right and wrong and who encourage them to do their best, will see their children make good choices. Involved fathers use everyday examples to help children learn the basic lessons of life.
  • Eat Together as a Family. Sharing a meal together is an important part of a healthy, family life. It gives kids the chance to talk about what they are doing and want to do. It is also a good time for fathers to listen and be involved. It provides a structure for families to be together each day.
  • Read To Your Child. In a world dominated by television and internet, it is important that fathers make the effort to read to their children. Begin reading when they are very young and as they get older, encourage them to read on their own. Instilling a love of reading is one of the best ways to ensure children will have a lifetime of literacy and personal and career growth.
  • Respect The Other Parent Of Your Child. Parents who respect each other and demonstrate mutual respect to their children, provide a secure environment for them. When children see parents respecting each other, they are more likely to feel that they are also accepted and respected.
  • Seek Involvement Early. Show interest early in your partner's pregnancy or the adoption or surrogacy process and gently touch, play, hold and talk to your infant child. When fathers are involved, they send the clear and emphatic message: "I want to be your father. I am interested in you and we have a relationship that is important to me."

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